We believe that growth is stemmed from the genuine intentions of entities working with one and other. As a result, they reach levels which they never thought possible for their business. We are your fulfillment & transportation family, and we are here every step of the way.

Value-Added Warehousing Services

Simplified the shipping process for all users

  • Assembly of various components received on multiple pallets, managed through the breakdown process to create the finished product
  • From specialized bottling capabilities to single product configurations, our SC warehouse team has been carefully trained to handle any commodity and the breakdown to its respected sizes and requirements
  • Our facilities are equipped with masks and sanitizer to assure the safety of our team and also the customers who will be receiving the product. The warehouse has also been suitably secured to protect all inventory from theft or damage.


We have collaborated with professional carriers

Service Benefits

Same Day Pick & Pack

Our team strives to get orders out on the same day with our professional pick & pack methods.

Same Day Delivery within GTA

Currently offered to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Get yourself a logistics partner who keeps up and ahead of the game, we understand the urgency of getting orders delivered to your customer base as soon as possible.

Multiple eCommerce Integrations

Connect seamlessly with the marketplace of your choice, keeping everything consolidated in one platform.

Kitting & Assembly Services

By instilling a 3PL for your business that has experience in assembling material to finished kits, you will be able to fulfill customers orders on time and with less costs involved.

Amazon FBA & FBM

Save on shipping and overhead costs with ShipCarte's FBA services. Having the product closer to the customer is key for recurring business.

White Glove

Some shipments require more care due to value or the product being fragile. Our white glove service sets you at ease as you will have a highly trained team who takes proper care of your shipments from pick up to delivery.

How ShipCarte Works

Simple, Efficient, and Transparent



Evaluation of your business to understand full requirements needed to find the right shipping / fulfillment solution that suits your time and budget.



Seamlessly import and integrate your online store's inventory through our user friendly warehouse management system.



Customer orders are automatically received and picked at the warehouse.



Once picked and packed, your order will be shipped out the same day depending when it was received or within 24 hours.

Our Vision

To use technology to optimize transit time, cut expenses, and minimize waste in order to guarantee that our partners' perishable items are delivered on-time and at the proper temperature.

To be a key supply chain management link that can compete with the finest in the business when it comes to offering cold storage services.

To encourage small businesses to grow by providing specialized services to enhance their reach nationwide.

Our Certifications

Certified By The Best To Be The Best

Delivering a Menu of Choice

All services under one umbrella for your business to succeed

eCommerce/D2C Fulfillment

When partnering with ShipCarte, you gain access to a wide range of benefits that will help take your online business to new heights.

B2B Fulfillment

At ShipCarte, we specialize in offering end-to-end B2B fulfillment services designed to streamline your logistical operations, improve efficiency, and enable scalable growth.

Retail Fulfillment

From omnichannel distribution strategies to innovative storage solutions, our proficient team caters to diverse retail sectors with precision, responsiveness, and integrity.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

ShipCarte stands ready to help you navigate those hurdles by offering top-notch subscription box fulfillment services

FBA Prep Service

Our FBA prep services span the entire spectrum of preparing, packaging, labeling, and shipping your inventory to Amazon.

Returns Handling

At ShipCarte, we understand how important it is to provide exceptional customer service, especially when it comes to managing returns.

Cold and Frozen Storage

Trust ShipCarte's Cold Storage Services for dependable, cost-effective, and adaptable solutions to store your temperature-sensitive goods in Toronto.

Kitting and Assembly Services

ShipCarte understands pressing challenges and addresses them with comprehensive kitting and assembly services designed to streamline your logistics processes.

Temperature Controlled Warehouse

From storage to shipping, we do it all.

At Ship Carte's cold facility, we take the utmost care to make sure your products are in the best possible conditions at all times.. Our warehouse is thoughtfully designed, featuring cutting-edge technology and advanced freezers to ensure accurate temperature readings. These features keep the temperature controlled, safeguarding the quality of your goods. You can count on our dedicated team of experts who are well-trained to handle all your cold storage requirements. With 24/7 monitoring, we provide constant surveillance to maintain efficient storage conditions. Rest assured, you are in safe and good hands with Ship Carte Cold Storage.

Our COLD Values

C Collaboration/
Customer focus.
O Ownership/
L Leadership/
Long-term thinking/.
D Dedication/
Devotion to quality.

Features of Our WMS System

Simplified the shipping process for all users

ShipCarte integrates with multiple shipping channels, allowing users to shop around for the best possible shipping rates. Customizable templates can be used to create warehouse documents, including pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels, which can be printed automatically. Users can track order statuses in real-time, with visibility into returns and exceptions, even for external shipments. Users can also manage compliance regulations when shipping products such as dry ice, alcohol, and ORM-D hazardous materials.

Key Benefits of ShipCarte

Filter Order, Inventory, and Data

Tags can be used to flag specific data, allowing users to filter order, inventory, and other data based on matching criteria.

Schedule Fulfillment Processes

Tags can be used to flag specific data, allowing users to filter order, inventory, and other data based on matching criteria

Optimize Pick Routes

Tags can be used to flag specific data, allowing users to filter order, inventory, and other data based on matching criteria

Track Inventory Across Multiple Locations

Tags can be used to flag specific data, allowing users to filter order, inventory, and other data based on matching criteria

Customizable Templates for Documents

Tags can be used to flag specific data, allowing users to filter order, inventory, and other data based on matching criteria

Efficient, Transparent, and Simple

Keeping it easy as possible for you

We put more than 30 years of experience at your fingertips to provide you with quality service, and optimize your shipping process leading you to better performance and more savings.


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