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Multiple Channels of Transport

Services we offer within our freight solutions

ShipCarte’s freight solution has been shaped to align with your shipping procedures to save you time and money all while receiving a first class service.

There are multiple modes of freight that can be utilized from the ShipCarte network, all our freight services have been carefully put in place to assure you a smooth and memorable experience when you work with our team. Our cloud based technology has been carefully designed to understand your freight requirements. Whether you are shipping on a truck, train, or plane our system is there to guarantee you an easy to use experience that will have you booking shipments on the fly.

We are on a never ending mission to support your brand by allowing you to fine-tune your process leading to better service for your customers, taking the complexity and hassle out of getting freight from Point A to Point B.

Service Benefits

Cost Effective Solutions

No matter the freight type being shipped, our system sources the most beneficial options that make sense for your shipment. Best part is, it’s as easy as pie!

Easy Tracking

Have access to live tracking and real time updates as they occur by just entering your tracking number in ShipCarte’s platform. You will see the current location of your freight, where it has been traveling, ETA for delivery, and more!

Expedited Customs Clearing

Our customs broker partner is geared to help clear your shipment every step of the way, assuring you a smooth and transparent process throughout.

Competitive Insurance Rates

When looking for economical options in shipments that are not time crucial, intermodal rail is the solution for you. Our intermodal sector has been designed to cover lanes ranging from the U.S. & Canada.

Greener Environment

When looking for environmentally friendly / economical options that use less fuel consumption, our intermodal solution is the one for you. This service is built to cover all lanes in North America!

Delivering A Menu Of Choice

All services under one umbrella for your business to succeed

LTL (Less Than Truckload)

ShipCarte’s seamless LTL shipping network has been designed to streamline the shipping process for your business. Obtain access to a…


ShipCarte’s seamless LTL shipping network has been designed to streamline the shipping process for your business. Obtain access to a network of carriers who not only provide discounted rates, but also a customized plan of action for you to enhance other parts of your operation. Not only will you receive the most competitive rates, you will also receive the highest quality of service possible as our sales reps/execs are always available to help .Pallet shipping has never been easier and more simpler than with the ShipCarte platform. Try it now!


Volume LTL

Get the most value for your freight by shipping Volume LTL. When shipments take more than 12 linear feet of…


Get the most value for your freight by shipping Volume LTL. When shipments take more than 12 linear feet of space and consist of multiple pallets, VLTL becomes the most cost effective option for your business. Let our team of freight gurus help you find the option that tuits you for


Full Truck Load

Shipping 13 pallets or more? As experts in the FTL sector of the industry, our ranging network of reliable truckload…


Shipping 13 pallets or more? As experts in the FTL sector of the industry, our ranging network of reliable truckload carriers are ready to handle and assure the safeguard transport of your freight. Our shipment volume performed as a company over time has allowed us the opportunity to negotiate the most cost efficient rates so you may ship any commodity on any lane of your choice. From a full "53ft" dry / reefer trailers, flatbeds, step decks, straight / box trucks, etc. ShipCarte is your freight solution that simply has it all and does not let up at any point!


ShipCarte Freight Benefits

Services we offer within our freight solutions


  • Extensive network of national, regional, and local carriers to help maximize rate options.
  • Dedicated Account Manager that oversees the pick up and delivery of all your shipments.
  • Expedited delivery & guaranteed options available.
  • Automated BOL generation within seconds.


  • Consistent capacity and reliable service from start to finish
  • Efficient sourcing capabilities to get you that “last minute” truck when needed
  • Full track and trace capability


  • Contributing to a greener environment, Intermodal services require less fuel consumption then that of a truck
  • Optimize your routes while minimizing your carbon footprint
  • Although longer transit, enjoy direct routes from origin to delivery
  • Lower fees for drop trailer

Air Freight

  • Schedule your shipments from anywhere in the world
  • Access to Multiple Air Services
  • Expedited Customs Clearance
  • Higher level of security and less risk of damage

Ocean Freight

  • Leading cost-effective international shipping option due to longer transit (four to six times cheaper than Air)
  • Custom LCL / FCL solutions tailored for you
  • Safe option for larger cargo compared to plane or truck
  • Permittance of variety of goods

Features Of Our WMS System

Simplified the shipping process for all users

Partial Truckload

Typically falling as a third option between LTL/FTL, a PTL is a great way to send freight cost-effectively with faster transit times. Your shipment stays in one truck throughout its journey, does not require class for a rate, and involves less handling of freight resulting in less damages and misplacements.

Hazardous Shipping

Being experienced experts in the LTL/FTL industry has allowed us to secure an extensive network of partners that can ship any commodity that may be considered as hazardous material.

Single Automobile Shipping

We take it to the next step by providing you the option of shipping a single car anywhere within the U.S. or cross border to Canada.

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Our Customer Testimonials

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Shipcarte's services are great, their rates are very good, customer services are wonderful and response on a timely manner. We enjoyed quite much as a retail and wholesale company that needs plenty of LTL services throughout the year.




I couldn’t think of using another company that isn’t ShipCarte. From start to finish, this company is the definition of professional. From providing some of the best rates I’ve ever seen to making my billing experience as simple as can be, I am grateful that I came across ShipCarte and look forward to using them for all my shipping needs.


Kevin Asgari


Amazing company!! Did my cross Canada move, with ease! Kind, professional and prompt with service! As a single mom it is refreshing to find compassionate employees with these type of companies. They where my 3rd and last call to ship my 4 skids! We had some good laughs while setting up arrangements, even better I was able to do it while I was across the country from my stuff! I will shout their name from the roof tops if you have skids you need shipped, ship with SHIPCARTE! Thanks again guys!! Spot on work!!


Chandra D Eadie


ShipCarte is my GO TO for all of my shipping, fulfillment and storage needs. I’ve shopped their rates against other shipping/fulfillment companies and ShipCarte beats them every time. Not only that, but the process is super simple and they make my life easier by picking up packages from my house at no additional charge. Customer service is quick and responsive and always answers my questions in a timely manner. Highly, highly recommend ShipCarte.


Zeeshan Sumar

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