To stay ahead of competitors, companies must find ways to reduce lead times, minimize overhead expenses, and improve overall operational efficiencies. ShipCarte understands these pressing challenges and addresses them with comprehensive kitting and assembly services designed to streamline your logistics processes.

Toronto eCommerce Knitting & Assembly Services

  • End-to-End Project Management
    Leverage our holistic approach to managing every facet of your kitting and assembly initiative. Our skilled project managers ensure seamless coordination among cross-functional departments, driving consistency, precision, and punctuality across all stages of implementation.
  • Advanced Technology Platforms
    Equip yourself with next-generation digital tools designed to facilitate error-free, efficient, and accelerated product assembly. Capitalize on AI-powered algorithms, IoT devices, robotics, and smart machines capable of executing intricate tasks with unprecedented accuracy and speed.
  • Sustainably Focused Approach
    Prioritize environmentally responsible practices by selecting eco-conscious kitting and assembly alternatives. Opt for recyclable packaging materials, biodegradable adhesives, water-based inks, and green manufacturing processes that contribute towards a greener planet.
  • Agile Response Mechanisms
    Stay agile and adapt rapidly to dynamic market scenarios by harnessing ShipCarte’s versatile and modular kitting and assembly models. Quickly scale resources up or down as required, adjust batch quantities, modify packing configurations, and incorporate emergent innovations to remain competitive and relevant.

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Service Benefits

Metrics-Driven Performance Evaluation

Monitor and measure vital performance indices regularly to gauge effectiveness, identify bottlenecks, and implement corrective actions proactively. Quantify productivity ratios, defect density, downtime incidence, mean time between failures, and other essential metrics to derive actionable insights enhancing future planning and strategic alignment.

Customization—Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs

Collaborative approach to understanding project goals and specifications. Personalized packaging designs and material selections and scalable production volume to align with fluctuating product demand.

Material Inspection

By deploying advanced spectroscopy techniques, we scrutinize input substances, verifying authenticity, purity, and homogeneity to preempt potential contamination issues.


Our experienced professionals stay up-to-date with industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies, ensuring that your eCommerce fulfillment strategy remains competitive and efficient.


Real-time tracking, detailed reporting, and open communication channels empower you to maintain full control over your inventory and shipments, fostering confidence in our partnership.

How ShipCarte Works

Simple, Efficient, and Transparent



Evaluation of your business to understand full requirements needed to find the right shipping / fulfillment solution that suits your time and budget.



Seamlessly import and integrate your online store's inventory through our user friendly warehouse management system.



Customer orders are automatically received and picked at the warehouse.


order shipped

Once picked and packed, your order will be shipped out the same day depending when it was received or within 24 hours.

Knitting & Assembly For eCommerce Stores

Your trusted partner to assemble and package your products.

At ShipCarte, we embrace change wholeheartedly, charting bold new pathways towards operational excellence through unparalleled kitting and assembly capabilities. Join us in this journey as we collectively shape the future of supply chain management together.

Efficient, Transparent, and Simple

Keeping it easy as possible for you

We put more than 30 years of experience at your fingertips to provide you with quality service, and optimize your shipping process leading you to better performance and more savings.


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