How Does Economy Shipping Benefits Customers?

How Does Economy Shipping Benefits Customers?
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Shipping costs have been on the roof recently, and customers are not left out as the cost trickles down to them. Most businesses offering shipping services are left with three options:

  • They can bear the cost and keep offering free delivery, which will reduce your profit margins.
  • Transfer costs onto customers, making them less likely to opt for their services.
  • Or might want to evolve or adopt new systems like economy shipping.

Anyone in the shipping business who is worth their salt would know a thing or two about economy shipping. In the US alone, well over 2 billion people have made purchases of goods and services online.

However, many still have questions surrounding economy shipping. Does it benefit customers? In what exact manner? Do the benefits outweigh its downsides? How does it work? These are all great questions to resolve before deciding to adopt economy shipping.

 Fortunately, this article touches on all these and more since it currently stands among the top freight solutions. Let’s delve into it by first looking at what economy shipping means.

What is Economy Shipping?

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Suppose you’re wondering what economy shipping is; you should know it’s not as complex as it sounds. Economy shipping is a method of shipping that allows you to provide lower shipping prices to your consumers.

Meanwhile, transporting commodities by sea is the single largest distribution channel worldwide, transporting the equivalent of 11 billion tons of goods using cargo ships, as indicated by stats from ICS. This represents 90 percent of the entire world’s goods.

While you strive to find the most cost-effective way to distribute huge quantities to their recipients, your customers are also looking for a cost-effective way to transport their cargo. Economy shipping combines multiple large or heavy commodities whose delivery is not time-sensitive. Its main drawback is how long it takes the cargo to arrive. However, by optimizing the route and utilizing economy shipping tracking features, you are likely to get the products delivered promptly.

Most seasoned shipping businesses provide this service as a great way to save costs.

How Fast is Economy Shipping?

The size, weight, and number of locations a package needs all affect how long economy shipping takes. While the dimensions of the products accepted for economy delivery differ from one shipping company to the next, most of them take large, heavy cargo. This tends to take a toll on the pace of the delivery, making it slightly slower than standard shipping.

However, because the primary goal of economy shipping is cost-effectiveness rather than speed, clients frequently neglect the timeframe for obtaining their shipment in favor of price.

Comparing Economy Shipping vs. Standard Shipping

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Although standard shipping is more flexible than economy services, there isn’t much of a difference between them, especially for domestic products.

However, fragile, bulky, oversized packages benefit significantly from the lower cost and much more convenience as their delivery time is close to standard shipping.

Both economy and standard shipping typically take three to five business days for shipping inside the United States and are relative in pricing. But economy shipping costs far less when sending goods internationally.

Furthermore, economy international shipping typically takes longer to arrive, but the savings you’ll make makes it worthwhile. Using cost-effective shipping providers as your default delivery operation opens up several possibilities.

What are the Benefits of Economy Shipping?

The Cheapest Delivery Option

Since it is necessary to have healthy profit margins, you’ll need to keep delivery costs low. Economy shipping is synonymous with optimal cost-effectiveness. When comparing the various shipping options, economy shipping provides the best value for the final mile of delivery, and this is particularly true for destined in distribution abroad.

Retailers who use the economy shipping method pay very little for their cargo.

Perfect For Large Quantities and Fragile Products 

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Fragile, big, or unusually shaped items can be difficult for even the most seasoned e-commerce store to ship, and domestic expedited delivery can get very expensive very quickly. Regarding items of this nature, expedited shipping options like overnight and express typically cost around twice as much.

This makes economy shipping one of the best courier services for fragile goods.

Prompt and Dependable

Contrary to what the majority of folks think, there is little distinction between standard shipping and economy shipping when it comes to when a local shipment will arrive. Packages sent within the United States typically take not more than seven days to reach their destinations.

Deliveries shipped internationally, however, take longer to arrive. Economy shipping is the ideal option for orders that aren’t time-sensitive.

Compared to Other Shipping Methods, It Requires Less Fuel

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Another advantage of economy shipping is that it frequently consumes less energy than alternative shipping and fulfillment solutions. This can also benefit the climate and enable you to reduce the carbon and greenhouse impact on the planet.

Furthermore, economy shipping can aid in the reduction of transportation congestion and pollution.

The delivery time is similar to standard domestic shipping when it comes to last-mile delivery, but with slight variations for economy international shipping time. Since it typically employs more affordable ground transport options, it is often faster than standard shipping solutions.

Therefore, this service might be an excellent choice for anyone trying to cut costs.

Trustworthy Tracking  

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Your courier service providers can provide quick and reliable economy shipping tracking details regarding your cost-effective delivery options. Since there is no particular deadline for delivery, the process goes smoothly, and there is little chance that a package will get lost.

It helps you provide a high-quality experience for your customers and sets you apart from other retail establishments. However, integrating your internal delivery procedures is a great way to improve the delivery experience.

Depending on the shipping route, you might need the assistance of a route planner, which can provide accurate and prompt tracking information for an efficient and cost-effective shipping process.

Why Should I Opt for Economy Shipping?

Anyone who ships within and outside the US can begin using economy shipping today.  

Economy shipping inside the United States typically arrives between one and five business days after dispatch at its destination. Let’s say you want to send a package to someone in the same state. It should arrive sooner if you send it to a nearby city rather than another state or a more rural place. 

When you ship something to a country in another part of the world, the amount of time that goes by before it gets to its destination will be significantly longer. Ensure that you consider this before you dispatch anything.


Economy eCommerce shipping solutions can assist you in climbing the corporate ladder in your industry. Courier companies are raising delivery charges to account for inflation and other cost increases. 

When it comes to prices for small package shipping and global freight solutions, both business owners and consumers are always looking for methods to save money, and economy shipping is one of the easiest ways to do so. 

You can speak to an expert from the ShipCarte team now about how we can help make the most of this economical shipping option. 


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16 June 2023
By Shaq Kassam