How to Choose the Best Courier Service for Fragile Items in 2023? 

How to Choose the Best Courier Service for Fragile Items in 2023? 
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Shipping fragile items is a risky undertaking. The problem goes beyond breaking your assets. They are expensive and would cost you a lot for replacements.

That also wastes your time. It worsens when you damage customers’ products while in transit because you will suffer a negative review after a full refund. Hence, investing in professional shipping and handling services for your fragile package is essential.

A good courier company will help you safely deliver your goods on time. That can guarantee up to 100% customer satisfaction. Identify the best courier service with expertise in handling fragile items to achieve your goals. It proves you care about people’s properties and hold desirable values.

This blog simplifies the search for reliable B2B courier services to help you deliver fragile goods countrywide. You can identify a reputable courier company and avoid embarrassment, losses, and time. Use these tips to find the best courier service for fragile items in 2023.

1. Company Registration and Licensing

Trust is fundamental in handling consumer goods. You cannot give a random driver your parcel and expect to get it delivered in perfect condition. What a risk!

Registered businesses will have licensed and verified staff to deliver the parcels. Also, they will ensure your fragile box fits well in the courier vehicle to avoid damage.

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A licensed company will be fully aware of the shipping industry’s rules, regulations, and norms.  Also, a legitimate courier service must possess a license to operate legally within the jurisdiction.

Moreover, not all firms can move your goods across borders and enter other territories. The license and business permit will indicate their operation limits. For instance, you cannot send products from Ontario to Alberta using a service registered in Quebec.

2. Experience and Expertise

Professionalism does not end with licensing. Qualifications in handling fragile objects dictate if your preferred company can deliver quality services.

For example, ShipCarte has a dedicated team to handle your products and update you on every stage of the process. Also, you can pick your preferred shipper without upfront contracts.

Expertise defines how long and successfully a company has been operational. Long-serving freight companies are more reliable than startups because they have learned and perfected their services.

On ShipCarte, you choose from among the trusted carriers to work with. After checking reviews, you can pick the best option from multiple quotes and avoid disappointment. Trained workers at reliable companies know how to pack fragile items and transport them safely. They spend time learning and understanding the regulations in different countries. Also, they never rush your consignment to avoid misplacement.

3. Available Shipping Options

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Are your goods getting late? Expedited shipping is the ideal solution for timely deliveries. Companies with booking and various delivery options can drop off your package faster and safely.

Although e-commerce has been expanding for some time, the epidemic further accelerated it. Worldwide, what we witness in the United States is also happening. Here are some significant global ecommerce growth statistics to keep in mind if you’re thinking about entering new markets:

  • In 2020, it is anticipated that European e-commerce revenues would total 717 billion euros.
  • Fairly speaking, the UK accounts for 17.8% of overall sales, followed by Germany and France.
  • Selling in Europe gives you access to 27 nations, allowing you to reach less competitive markets, satisfy global demand, and develop your online reputation.
  • Canada also offers a significant possibility for the growth of e-commerce. By 2023, Canadian consumers are anticipated to spend more than $55 billion.

That said, custom courier solutions are perfect for irregular items. Size, weight, and shape should not be a worry when moving your goods because specialized delivery solutions will answer all your queries and provide you with the best option.

A one-on-one consultation with the firm will ensure you select the perfect shipping option and enjoy a smooth experience.

Before selecting a courier service, you should know whether your shipments are small retail items, multiple boxes, or bulk products. A B2B courier service can handle bulk inventories, like shipping products from a factory to a warehouse or wholesaler.

The best company to ship fragile items understands the value of synergy and personalized services.

4. Customer Support Services

You want to work with a shipping agency that understands your plight, addresses your concerns earnestly, and keeps promises. Communication should be seamless, with a quick response time and an elaborative resolution to problems.

Determine if the fragile shipping customer support team can handle your specific issues. For instance, they must know their business policy, such as if they have a refund option or an item replacement mandate.

The customer support staff should also know the progress of your goods. That means tracking is mandatory – which you must also access as part of the service. A reputable firm will provide a tracking number for your package and inform you about any delays.

But that is not all. Consider how long they take to reply. An irresponsible company will take longer than necessary to respond to your inquiries and may send irrelevant information.

5. Insurance Coverage

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Courier services can get involved in accidents, causing damage or loss of customer property. Some factors that could lead to such scenarios are:

  • Bad weather
  • Poor driving
  • Fires
  • Natural disasters

Your goods are valuable and deserve a well-thought-out protection plan. An insured shipment will ensure reimbursement if anything goes wrong with it during the journey.

At least insurance coverage can save you from financial losses in case of theft, accidents, or other misfortunes.

Find out the insurance coverage for the best courier for fragile items and determine if it is sufficient. A reputed company must factor the value of goods in your consignment into the insurance policy.

Avoid companies that present the coverage in unclear terms, like “you will get a refund in case of misplacement.” That statement sounds like you will receive the amount you paid for shipping costs and not the lost items. Never fall for the trick.

Read the documents keenly and pay attention to the fine print. Consult your lawyer or an expert if you have doubts.

To calculate the insurance premium rate for a single shipment, multiply the insured value by the policy rate. Keep in mind that your choice of insurance company and the sort of cargo you’re insuring will determine this.

Let’s do the math: If your commercial invoice is worth $50,000 and your insurance company charges you $.50 per $100 with a $10 minimum for its policy, how much will it cost you? The value of your commercial invoice is $50k, and your insurance is then $250.

6. Service Costs

If you are thinking about how to find the cheapest way to ship fragile items in Canada, know that cheap is relative. The size and value of your goods determine how much you will part away for the services.

Also, the postage time, the courier company, and urgency can significantly hike the costs. For instance, DHL fragile shipping cost will differ from FedEx fragile shipping cost.

Moreover, you cannot pay CA$10 for shipping fragile items cross country. For example, standard postage from Nunavut to Ottawa will not be less than CA$100.

Now consider that you are sending freight, not standard parcels, and want the item delivered in a day. Such a service will cost more than CA$200.

You must compare prices from different companies and select the best option based on your budget. However, you must not use the budget as the ultimate consideration and settle for a subpar delivery service.

Summing Up

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Fragile goods shipping can be complex, expensive, and time-sensitive. Find a courier with a sustainable infrastructure, customer support staff, insurance, and cost framework.

A reliable firm will help you control the entire shipping process, ensuring your items arrive safely at the desired destination.

The best courier for fragile items should also provide an avenue to track them. Weigh these considerations carefully when selecting a service that meets your needs. Contact us if you’re having difficulty finding the best courier service for your fragile items.

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22 May 2023
By Shaq Kassam