Shipping Pallets Across Canada 101


Do you want to save money on shipping costs for your business in Canada? Are you confused by all the various shipping options out there and don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing a shipping method for your goods? ShipCarte has you covered!

Pallet shipping is an ideal shipping method for small businesses as well as individuals who need to ship goods across Canada. In this article we take a look at the advantages in terms of cost and logistics — as well as the proper way to prepare your shipments when using pallet shipping. 

Read on to find out more about how ShipCarte can help your business benefit from pallet shipping as a means to distribute your goods throughout Canada (and elsewhere).

What is pallet shipping?

Pallet shipping is a means of shipping multiple boxes or packages to another location by means of stacking them on a pallet.

Many companies and individuals send their packages individually. However, shipping them by pallet saves on costs since they can be sent as one shipment.

Another advantage of pallet shipping is that you can send all your boxes or packages together as one item. This means that there is no risk of them getting separated during transit.

Pallet shipping is particularly well-suited to companies or individuals that don’t have enough volume to get a full truckload for their shipments.

How does shipping pallets across Canada work?

There are a number of shipping modes to choose from when it comes to shipping your goods in Canada. The mode of shipping you choose will also determine the freight rates you will have to pay. For example, the freight rates for rail shipping are different to those of ocean shipping.

Other factors to consider are:

Shipping Capacity
Shipping capacity refers to a number of factors, including the number of drivers available, load planning and even shipper data. If there is a shortage of drivers, or poor communication has led to errors in the load planning of your shipment, the result can be a delay.

Shipping Time
Time is probably the primary consideration when it comes to shipping. Customers always want their goods delivered as soon as possible, and fast rates are not always an option. However, with ShipCarte’s high-tech shipping technology and cloud integration, you have access to a much better overview of how quickly your goods are being processed and shipped to their final destination.

Shipcarte offers various shipping methods depending on your needs and time requirements, and the process for getting started is simple:

  1. Sign up
    Create an account with ShipCarte by signing up here.

  2. Quote
    ShipCarte will provide you with a number of quotes from a variety of trusted partners.

  3. Select
    Choose a carrier and save on shipping costs!

  4. Ship!
    Simply print out your label and attach it to your shipment. Your driver will be on the way!

  5. Track & trace
    ShipCarte will send you updates on your shipment via Email or SMS.

  6. Billing & payment

Now all you need to do is pay for your shipment, and you’re done!

With Shipcarte’s integrated cloud platform, shipping your goods by palette — or any of the various other methods offered by ShipCarte, you can rest assured that your shipment is in good hands and you are fully up to date on exactly where your shipment is at all times!

How to pack your pallets properly?

Pallet shipping requires more care and organization than other standard shipping methods, particularly when it comes to the stacking of boxes or packages.

This is because boxes often contain goods of different weights. Heavier boxes should always be placed at the bottom of the stack and lighter ones on top of them.

It is also important to avoid stacking the boxes on pallets too high since this could result in them falling over during transport.

You can also stack other types of packages or items on pallets. However, it is important to ensure that they are securely stacked before you ship them in order to avoid items getting lost or damaged while in transit.

Once your pallets have been securely packed onto your pallets, they will be handled using forklifts or pallet jacks.

Why consider ShipCarte for pallet shipping across Canada?

As a Toronto shipping company that provides international shipping service, Shipcarte has the following advantages over other shipping services.

  • ShipCarte has 20 years of experience shipping all kinds of goods across Canada.
  • ShipCarte takes advantage of cloud technology to optimise and simplify its shipping process for all its customers.
  • ShipCarte has an integrated platform that customers can use to access multiple different carrier rates based on their own shipping requirements.

ShipCarte is dedicated to providing quality service and an easy-to-use platform to all their customers.

ShipCarte – Your Shipping Solution

Shipping goods can be confusing process — especially considering how frequently the shipping industry’s policies, regulations and rates are constantly changing. This means that you continually have to make decisions to ensure that you, or your business, get the best deal when it comes to shipping goods across Canada.

ShipCarte is committed to ensuring that your shipping needs are met with a minimum of effort on your part. With ShipCarte’s shipping platform, managing your inventory and shipping in Canada (or anywhere else in the world) is easier than ever thanks to our cloud-based tracking system.

With ShipCarte, you will also be assigned a dedicated account manager, whose sole job it is to ensure your success, no matter what your shipping needs are.

Whether you are a small business, individual or large company, ShipCarte has you covered with:

  • Multiple quotes instantly
  • A selection of carrier services to meet your exact shipping needs
  • The ability to create and print carrier complaint shipping labels
  • Online scheduling of shipment pick-ups
  • Cloud-based tracking and tracing of all your shipments

So contact ShipCarte or sign up for a demo and start growing your business today!