ECommerce Shipping: Strategies & Best Practices


Customers Care About Shipping

Online shoppers care about the cost of shipping and their delivery options. Poor shipping options are one of the biggest causes of cart abandonment and can be the difference between success and failure for eCommerce businesses. Shipping is the nitty-gritty, behind the scenes work that ensures the satisfaction of your customers and the success of your business. Don’t leave shipping strategy on the back burner — it’s vital to your success. Here are some statistics from UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper that demonstrate the importance of shipping.

Build Your Shipping Strategy With The Best Team

Assembling a great team is true for every aspect of business management, but it’s especially true for a time-sensitive strategic process like shipping. Think about this team holistically and gather all of the right stakeholders within your organization. Here are a few suggested team members to include:

Marketing & Sales

You might not consider your marketing and sales team as part of your shipping strategy, but these are the people that are going to communicate your shipping policy to your customers. You don’t want a salesperson to share a promotion for flat rate shipping if that’s something you can’t fulfill! You’ll also need to ask them what people are looking for and what products you should consider offering promotions on. 


Your fulfillment team needs to ensure that orders are being packed and shipped accurately and on time. This team is the heart of your shipping operation, and they need to provide their input on what is possible and what tools they need to successfully implement your shipping procedures. When you choose ShipCarte, our shipping platform streamlines fulfillment by allowing you to quickly find the best shipping rates from all major carriers in seconds. You can then easily print your labels straight from the app. Ship and track your products with ease, all while saving time and money.

Customer Service

Just like your marketing team, your customer service representatives are in close contact with customers and need to know how to appropriately answer questions about shipping. You’ll need to ask them if they understand the different shipping options you offer and how they will handle a customer who has a bad shipping experience. With ShipCarte’s shipping platform, you can help provide the data your customer service team needs to easily answer questions like: when will my package get here? Has my package shipped? Why is this the cost of shipping?

Important Shipping Considerations

While it may sound great to offer fixed-price shipping or two-day shipping to keep up with your competitors, it’s important to consider your own products and business model before you set your shipping prices. Here are a few things to take into account in order to make sure you create a shipping strategy that works for you:

Product Size & Weight

A bigger, heavier product is obviously going to cost more to ship. You know that, and your customers know that. Your strategy for handling these types of products has a big impact on the approach you take. If your products are relatively uniform (ie. you don’t have a wide variation in weights and sizes) then you might try a zone-based shipping approach, where shipping costs vary by location rather than size or weight.

If you have a wide range of sizes and weights for your products, you can offer direct, real-time rates directly from carriers. One of the great things about ShipCarte is that our app seamlessly integrates with your online shopping cart. With our shipping platform’s instant quote service, you can ensure that you’re offering your customers the very best possible shipping price.

Shipping Destinations

The distance and destination is just as important as the product size. As a Canadian-based company, we understand that many of our clients are looking to ship to America or ship products into Canada. Rates for internal shipping can vary significantly, and that can make it very difficult to set your own rates for your eCommerce store. When you partner with ShipCarte, we make international shipping easy. You are supported by a dedicated account manager who will always help you find the best rate and do the heavy-lifting behind the scenes to support your business.

Shipping Options

Providing multiple shipping options helps you better serve your customers, while still staying within your budget. Here at ShipCarte, we’ll help you find carriers that offer same-day or next-day delivery, as well as cost-effective options for shipping large items. Some great options include free in-store pickup, LTL freight carriers, same-day delivery, or free shipping.

Alternatives To Free Shipping

You can also try to balance your revenue needs with promotional opportunities by offering a variety of rates, like free standard shipping (without a delivery commitment) alongside other options like Expedited shipping (for example 3-5 day delivery). Here are a few shipping alternatives that can be effective:

  • Standard shipping + expedited shipping
  • Free shipping + standard shipping + expedited shipping
  • Standard shipping + in-store pickup + same-day delivery
  • LTL freight + standard shipping

When it comes to shipping, you have a lot of options, but know that as you begin to offer your customers more options, things become more complicated. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by the shipping aspect of your eCommerce business, ShipCarte can help. Contact us today to get started.

ShipCarte – Shipping Solutions

ShipCarte makes it easy to ship around the world. When you choose to partner with ShipCarte for your shipping needs, not only do you gain access to our cloud-based shipping platform, you also get the support of a dedicated account manager. You’ll find it easy to build a shipping strategy that fits your business needs. Along with eCommerce shipping solutions, we also offer courier and LTL/full load services. From envelope to box, our courier services have you covered. ShipCarte has all the features you need to help your business grow:

  • Instant multiple quotes
  • Multiple carrier services
  • Generate and print carrier compliant shipping labels
  • Schedule pick up online
  • Track and trace your products

Contact us today to get started or sign up for a demo.